また二年前、ティム・オライリーが発表した”What is Web2.0?”がWeb2.0のマニフェストとして、また包括的な定義として広く共有されたように、Health2.0の最も重要な理論家であるスコット・シュリーブ医師が、現在”What is Health2.0?”と題する論文を執筆中との知らせも届きその一部が公開された。注目していきたい。
8:00-8:30 INTRO Health2.0: User-Generated Healthcare

Matthew Holt/Indu Subaiya

8:30-9:30 OPENING PANEL:The Role of the Consumer Aggregators

Adam Bosworth, VP Healthcare, Google
Wayne T. Gattinella, CEO, WebMD Health Corp.
Peter Neupert, VP Health Solutions Group Microsoft
Bonnie Becker, Director, Health Category, Yahoo!
Moderator: Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, THINK-HealthSpecial Perspective from: David J. Brailer M.D., Ph.D
Former National Health IT Coordinator
& Founder, Health Evolution Partners

9:30-9.40 STRETCH BREAK, Bio Break & Coffee refill

9:40-10:40 DEMO PANEL & Discussion: Search in Healthcare

Alain Rappaport, CEO, Medstory/Microsoft
Roni Zeiger, Product Manager, Google
Venky Harinarayan, CEO, Kosmix
Tom Eng, President & Founder, Healia
Dean Stephens, President & COO,Healthline Networks
Moderator: Jack Barrette, CEO WeGoHealth (ex-Yahoo)

10:40-11.15 NETWORKING Break with Demonstrations

11:15-12.15 DEMO PANEL & Discussion: Social Media for Patients

Ben Heywood, CEO, Patients Like Me
Doug Hirsch, CEO, Daily Strength
Steve Krein, CEO, OrganizedWisdom
Karen Herzog, Founder, Sophia’s Garden
John de Souza, CEO, MedHelp International
Brian Loew, CEO, Inspire
Moderator: Amy Tenderich, Blogger/Journalist DiabetesMine

12:15-12:45 REACTOR PANEL Payers, Providers, & Pharma….and Health2.0

Paul Wallace, Senior Advisor & Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente
Joe Gifford, Chief Medical Officer, Regence BCBS
Jeff Rideout, VP, Internet Business Solutions Group, Chief Medical Officer, Cisco
Bruce Grant, SVP Digitas Health
Ted von Glahn, Director, Performance Information and Consumer Engagement, PBGH
Moderator: Doug Goldstein, eFuturist

12:45 -1:45 LUNCH with “Unconference” issue tables & more demonstrations

1:45-2:45 DEMO PANEL & Discussion: Tools for Consumer Health

Mike Battaglia, VP Healthcare Strategy, Intuit
Marlene Beggelman, CEO, Enhanced Medical Decisions
Dave Hall, VP of Innovations, HealthEquity
Ann Mond Johnson, Exec VP, WebMD Health (formerly CEO, Subimo)
Joseph Villa, Vice President, Membership, Revolution Health
Ryan Phelan, CEO, DNADirect
Moderator: Scott Shreeve, CrossOver Healthcare (founder Medsphere)

2:45-3:15 NETWORKING Break with Demonstrations

3:15-4:15 DEMO PANEL & Discussion: Providers and social networks

Daniel Palestrant, CEO, Sermo
Lance Hill, CEO, Within3
Chini Krishnan, CEO, Vimo
Gale Wilson Steele, Founder/CEO, Careseek
Patricia Ball, VP Product Development Consumer Aware/BCBS Minnesota
Doug Goldstein, eFuturist & President, Medical Alliances
Moderator – Enoch Choi MD, MedHelp/PAMF

4:15- 5:15 CLOSING REACTOR PANEL: Health2.0 – Looking Ahead

Lee Shapiro, President Allscripts
David Kibbe, American Academy of Family Physicians
Bob Katter, Senior VP, Relay Health (McKesson subsidiary)
Jay Silverstein, President, Employer/Employee Group, Revolution Health
Steve Brown, Founder Health Hero Network,
Entrepreneur in Residence, Mohr Davidow Ventures
Esther Dyson, EDventure
Moderator: Marty Tenenbaum, Commercenet

5:15- 5:30 Wrap-up – Matthew Holt/Indu Subaiya

5.30- 6.30 Wine and Cheese Networking


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